Develop Vivid Video Content Now!

Add vivid content to your advertising and marketing today to help improve market penetration, sharing and engagement. 

Video Content use is on the rise, by consumers via Web, Social Media Platforms and Mobile Devices. Your customers are 70% more likely to watch a video post than written or static image. Even better, they will watch a live stream longer than a regular video too.

Restaurants, medical, sports, retail, no matter what the business, content media is how to engage with your customers and build a better, loyal audience.

 81% of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015

We have worked in TV and Video Production for years with Emmy Award Winning Producers and Clients like USAA, Virginia Thoroughbred Association, Colonial Downs, NFL, NBA, MLS Players, Cotton Bowl and more. While we have watched traditional media production change we have used forward thinking mobility to be ready to produce digital media for websites, social platforms, and mobile platforms.

Video Content Packages are available to help make every dollar count towards a successful campaign.

We understand video production and even better we understand how it needs to be written, developed and broadcast.

Trade films, corporate training, commercial and product showcase video production are just a few of the media services we provide.

We are designing communication and it works.

Call us today and learn more about Content Media and how affordable and successful it can be for your business. 202-351-1344

*Data from Livestream research.


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